Standing Dumbbell Row


While the main focus is on the upper back, muscle recruitment is drawn from the entire body to stabilize and maintain an upright position. Since the standing dumbbell row requires only a set of dumbbells, it’s one of the better home back exercises. It should be noted that lighter dumbbells should be used for the standing version in comparison to the bent over rows using a bench for support.


A Video Demonstrating How To Perform This Home Back Exercise Is Coming Soon


  1. Grasp appropriately weighted dumbbells and bend over at the waist while maintaining spinal alignment. There should be only a slight bend at the knees and the torso should be bent over at a 45 degree angle.
  2. Exhale, retract the shoulder blades and draw your arms up towards the ribcage.
  3. Inhale and extend arms back to starting position at a controlled speed.
  4. Repeat until the desired number of repetitions are completed.


A similar movement can also be performed by using a barbell instead of dumbbells. Instructions on how to perform this version – which is called the bent over barbell row – can be made available by simply clicking the link.

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